Instagram for Business: The Why / by Edward Thomas

Instagram is a great platform for the use of imagery and videos to spread your business' or brand's message. 

With over 200 million daily users, Instagram has a huge audience of potential customers and clients for you to tap into.

Drive traffic to your desired web page or location and generate qualified leads from the users interacting with your content.

It's easy to use.

Instagram, is in every sense a 'mobile' application. This allows you to utilise its capabilities on the move and on demand. 

With the exception of sponsored posts, Instagram is free to use. Not only that, it is still exceptionally easy to build reach without having to promote posts for the privilege. 

By solely being an image and video based platform, Instagram has become a great story telling device. As a result, it makes the app rather personal and gives you the ability to connect with your audience in an intimate and powerful way.

Many users of Instagram use the app to find content that resonates with them and that they find interesting.

With the discovery feature and filtering tools built into Instagram, it is easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for. Equally, it's easy for you to target and reach the relevant audience with your content. In doing so, you are ensuring a deeper level of engagement which leads to a higher number of conversions.