Instagram for Business: Stories "Swipe Up" New Feature / by Edward Thomas

So this is really big news for business accounts, Instagram has now opened up the 'swipe up' feature on stories for all accounts with over 10k followers. A feature that was recently reserved for verified accounts (accounts with the elusive blue tick), the swipe up feature gives you the ability to drive traffic away from Instagram without asking them to 'click the link in bio'.

So what is the 'swipe up' feature? This feature essentially allows you to add a link to each story that you post, a link to an address that you would like to redirect traffic, this is represented in the form of a 'swipe up' icon displayed at the bottom of the story.

So how do you add a link to your story?

It's actually pretty simple.

• To add a link all you need to do is take a photo, video, boomerang or upload a photo from your camera roll (taken in the last 24hrs) like you normally would and then click the 'link' icon at the top.

  • Once you've clicked the link icon, you'll be taken to a page where you add the destination web address. Either type or paste in the link you'd like to redirect traffic too. Click 'done' and you'll be taken back to your story and all you need to do is publish like normal

  • Now you're ready to post, just like normal you add the picture to your story and hey presto it's there for all of your followers to see. But wait, this feature is exceptionally effective and let's be honest it's every social media marketeers dream. There is one final thing to consider before posting.

  • Is there a strong call to action, instructing users to swipe up and why they should swipe up? The 'swipe up' icon at the bottom of the picture can be easily missed and when you first start using it, your followers may not know to look for it. This is easily remedied, all you need to do is ensure that your picture includes some overlayed text with your marketing message and an instruction to 'swipe up'.

Story post.jpg

Just think how powerful this feature can be for showcasing products! Upload a great photo of the product, introduce a strong call to action, add a link to the product in your eStore, post to your story and watch the traffic roll in.