Instagram for Business: The Bio / by Edward Thomas


Instagram bios are limited to 150 characters, which doesn't give you much room to introduce your business. Therefore, you need to be smart about which information you're going to include. 

It's important to get your mission statement across and to let people know what you do. All the while, you want the bio to look clean, attractive and enticing to the users that view your profile. You can see above that we manage to include all the key information about our business.

To create our bio, we used the ‘notes’ app; since Instagram doesn’t let you use the return key. You can create the bio that effectively introduces your business and then copy and paste it into Instagram. Bullet points are a great way to grab attention and emphasise key aspects of what you do, throw in a few emojis for good measure too, to keep things interesting. 👌🔥💪


On Instagram, it isn't possible to include links in post descriptions, the bio is the only place that you can include a link, therefore it is important to ensure that you include a link to a page where you would like to redirect your followers. Ideally, this would be your business homepage, a mailing list signup page, your eStore, Facebook page etc.

Your profile picture is a great place for your business' logo, which will help build your brand identity and grow brand recognition. You can also include a contact button in your profile with a direct link for your followers to call, email and get directions to your place of business.

With the recent introduction of Instagram Insights, it is now possible to track how many people are clicking in your bio, giving you measurable metrics of how effectively your Instagram account is performing.