Instagram for Business: Hashtags / by Edward Thomas

Hashtags are one of, if not, the most important element to increasing the reach of your posts.

Begin by researching which hashtags are the most prominent and relevant to your business. You can do this by utilising the 'search' function within Instagram, select the 'tags' tab and begin searching words or phrases that you think represent your business or brand. Once you reach the results page, you will be able to see how many people have actively used that hashtag, the more popular the hashtag, the more likely people are going to search for it and come across your post. Another way to find the best hashtags for your business is to look at which hashtags the influencers in your field are using, and then add them to your # list.

The maximum number of hashtags that can be included with each post is 30; you should use 30 every time. This means that you have to research and find the 30 most relevant hashtags to your business. The next step is to save them all into a 'note' so that you don't have to write them out everytime you post. Simply copy & paste them into a comment immediately after you have posted.

Putting your hashtags in a separate comment after posting, stops you from looking like a spammer, and leaves more room in the description for the good stuff and keeps it much cleaner and attractive. When you comment your hashtags, they have the same effect on your post as if they were in the description.

To keep the comment hidden as well, you should proceed the hashtags with 5 bullet points. Below is an example that we use when posting for a floristry client.

#flowers #flowerslovers #flowerlovers #flower #flowerstagram #floweroftheday #flowermagic #flowergram #greenfingers #gardening #gardener #flowerarrangemet #hydrangea #flowershop #florist #garden #bloom #blooming #inbloom #tulips #spring #summer #cotswoldgardenschool #flowergarden #blooms #petals #flora #botanical #plant #botanic

The organic reach that the hashtag allows your posts is really one of the most powerful features of the app, which makes researching which hashtags to use an important task. Get it right and you stand to spread your message far and wide across Instagram to a host of potential clients.

It's like word-of-mouth on steroids.