Instagram for Business: Stories / by Edward Thomas

'Stories' are the most recent addition to the Instagram app, some people have likened it to Snapchat and they wouldn't be wrong. Just like Snapchat, each post has a lifespan of 24hrs, after which time it will be removed from existence. You can also add filters, text, stickers, locations and hashtags to the images/videos.

This introduction has lead to a more free-form, less curated style of content being shared across the platform, this is a good for the following reasons. Stories provide a platform for real-time documentation of your business life and create a deeper level of engagement with your following. By using Instagram stories the Instagram algorithm rewards your account with added reach, which is great for reaching a larger audience of potential customers.

Features to pay attention too.... 

  • Geo Stickers - adding location based stickers to your stories posts, makes you discoverable based on your location.
  • Colour change - Use the different colours at the bottom to change the colour of your text, you can use different colours by highlighting some text and clicking the colour you want to use.

Full colour wheel - swiping left and right on the colour selectors will bring you a greater number of colours to choose from. But clicking and holding on an individual colour will present you with the full colour wheel, giving you an even greater choice of colours to select.


Then there are the easier to find features, such as filters - swipe left and right across your image, maximise/minimise - pinch with your fingers to expand the graphics you've added, Boomerang - select 'Boomerang' setting before taking a photo by swiping left, last 24 hrs - swipe up on the add story page to add a photo or video that has been taken in the last 24hrs.

I think that pretty much sums up the Stories feature of Instagram, if you think I've missed anything please comment below and I will add it in!