We're a creative agency.

This means that we create beautiful things to surprise and delight the world. 

Our focus is on helping small companies tackle their business problems, not just their branding and marketing challenges. We're experts at guiding these businesses through the digital world and helping them grow.

As a small agency, we are agile, efficient and affordable – giving small businesses a chance to compete with the giants within their industry. We believe that every business should have a fair chance to compete and grow – which is why we work harder than anyone else to ensure the success of all our clients.

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Edward Thomas

A British ex-pat living in Stockholm, Ed emigrated to Sweden in 2015.

Over the past couple of years he has consulted for a number of Stockholm-based startups, building and executing their digital marketing and communications strategies. As a digital entrepreneur, he is on hand with a toolbox full of skills, from copywriting to graphic design to drone filming to video production and more – all to help your business grow.